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Business’ and the benefits of using Podcasts

Many people carry on their own perception of Podcasts, whether it comes from an experience with one, or many, or maybe it’s simply from word of mouth. Either way there are numerous opinions… Continue reading

What is Foursquare

I am currently not a user of foursquare but find it very interesting if it is used properly. Foursquare is an app used for letting your friends know where you are, and you… Continue reading

Social media is your friend

It is very rare that social media could be harmful to those who use it properly. Whether it is for marketing purposes, news updates, sharing info about a company/person, whatever the reason behind… Continue reading

Defining Social Media in 140 characters or less

In Adam Vincenzini’s blog “COMMS CORNER” he has posted people’s responses to his question to define social media in 140 characters or less. Dozens of individuals responded, and here are a few of… Continue reading

Monitoring social media, acceptable or uncalled for?

Throughout my experience with social media I have seen several instances where one pays consequences for what they might have said on the web. The truth is majority of individuals feel that these… Continue reading

My take on Social Media News Releases

There are countless views and opinions on the effects and purpose of SMNR’s. An SMNR is a release informing the public of their plans to do something, such as plans for the future… Continue reading

Response to ‘Social Media, Friend or Foe?’ Podcast

First of all, add this Podcast to your favorites, this is great information for any aspiring CEO’s, anyone thinking about starting their own business, or even associated with business.  Throughout listening to this Podcast I… Continue reading

Social Media (Notes)

What is Social Media? describes the collection of software enables individuals and communities to gather, communicate, share, and in some cases collaborate or play. Various names: New Media Web 2.0 Consumer-generated media User-generated… Continue reading


  Social media, Social networking, these terms may sound foreign to fairly new users of things such as blogging, Twitter, Facebook and many others. Personally I feel like I’m the only college student… Continue reading