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PR Open Mic

I recently became a member of a web-site entitled PR-Open Mic and after exploring the site I found how useful it can be for PR professionals, and even those seeking to learn/know more about… Continue reading

My top 10 list of tips for Public Speaking

  1. Know your audience, know they’re interests as a whole. This helps out with ones effectiveness when speaking to an audience. 2. Know what you want to say, what point you’re trying to… Continue reading

Issues Management (notes)

What is issues management? -A corporate process that helps organizations identify challenges in the business environment-bot internal and external-before the become crisis. -Mobilizes corporate resources to help protect the company from the harm.… Continue reading

PR blogs and their benefits

Advantages. That is what Public Relations blogs give their readers, along with much more. To not take advantage of the opportunity to become part of such a growing part of the business world,… Continue reading

Integrated Communication (Notes)

What is Integrated Communication? -A dynamic communication practice aimed at advancing not just the marketing plan, but the overall operating or business plan of the firm and in so doing aligning brand with… Continue reading

Benefitting from PR OpenMic

In my Public Relations: Media Advertising and Writing course, we were made aware of a site PR OpenMic. A web-site that works similar to a social media site, but more along the lines… Continue reading

Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

Many people may misinterpret Public Relations as a whole. Some say there is no difference from a Journalist and a PR agent. Well there are a few differences, heres a few pieces of… Continue reading

Some advice for new PR student bloggers…

As we get closer and closer to the end of the semester and closer to the end of my Public Relations Applications class, I have evaluated and came up with a top-ten list… Continue reading

Writing an effective News Release!

There are many times where we as the Public, well those who pay close attention to the media, will one day say to themselves, “Man, I haven’t seen so and so for a… Continue reading

The Benfits of PR

Throughout my listening and observing of different PR interviews, I learned how important upholding your reputation can be. Not only the reputation you create, but the reputation others can create for you through… Continue reading