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My take on Social Media News Releases

There are countless views and opinions on the effects and purpose of SMNR’s. An SMNR is a release informing the public of their plans to do something, such as plans for the future… Continue reading

Writing the news-release

Ch. 5 notes: -The basic news release is also called a press release, and it’s the backbone of almost every publicity plan. Why write a news-release? The primary reason is to help achieve… Continue reading

Newsworthy release tips!

In press releases, journal and magazine articles, newspapers, and broadcasting, sometimes news isn’t always “newsworthy.” Well in chapter 14 of my textbook, there is a list of tips for “news-centered” releases by Jerry… Continue reading

Writing an effective News Release!

There are many times where we as the Public, well those who pay close attention to the media, will one day say to themselves, “Man, I haven’t seen so and so for a… Continue reading