Issues Management (notes)

What is issues management? -A corporate process that helps organizations identify challenges in the business environment-bot internal and external-before the become crisis. -Mobilizes corporate resources to help protect the company from the harm.… Continue reading

PR blogs and their benefits

Advantages. That is what Public Relations blogs give their readers, along with much more. To not take advantage of the opportunity to become part of such a growing part of the business world,… Continue reading

Integrated Communication (Notes)

What is Integrated Communication? -A dynamic communication practice aimed at advancing not just the marketing plan, but the overall operating or business plan of the firm and in so doing aligning brand with… Continue reading

Global Corporate Communication (Notes)

What is Global Corporate Communication? -The planned, long-term, strategically designed way of managing relationships with publics of other nations. The Global Imperative: -“Think global, act local.” -Broad range of skills needed Communication Global… Continue reading

Investor Relations: Notes

What is Investor Relations? -A subset of public relations and corporate communications that deals with a company’s relationship with the investment community. Primary Audiences: -Current investors -Potential investors Goals: To ensure that a… Continue reading

Creating News-Features and Op-Ed.

Ch. 7 Notes News feature writing requires right brain thinking -Intuition, image making, and conceptualization A feature story can generate publicity. A good feature writer is curious and asks a lot of questions.… Continue reading

Preparing fact sheets, advisories, media kits, and pitches

Ch. 6 Notes: Advisories are also called media alerts. Preparing the pitch is key, if one does not have an interesting pitch than the story simply will not make the cut. Researching and… Continue reading

Writing the news-release

Ch. 5 notes: -The basic news release is also called a press release, and it’s the backbone of almost every publicity plan. Why write a news-release? The primary reason is to help achieve… Continue reading

Finding and making news

  -A major purpose of many Public Relations programs is to provide information to the media in the hope that it will be published or broadcast. -The resulting coverage is called publicity. -The… Continue reading

Lebron James answers back with Nike commercial

It changed the NBA as a whole, and probably received more hate and negative feedback than any sports figure since Tiger, but either way Lebron James is his own man, and he made… Continue reading