Commenting your fellow Bloggers

Being new to blogging can be quite discouraging at times when it seems no one is reading your work. That’s where commenting comes in. Commenting can be critical not only in building ones… Continue reading

Organizational Communication break down

In this post i will break down chapter 5 in our reputational management textbook, on organizational communication. Define: The process of aligning employees “hands, minds and hearts” with the organizations reputational interests-as a… Continue reading

Lebron showing maturity

We have all seen the hype around Lebron James, and have wittnessed majority of basketball fans love for him, and the hate. We have seen critics go to work on Lebron for the… Continue reading

My take on Social Media News Releases

There are countless views and opinions on the effects and purpose of SMNR’s. An SMNR is a release informing the public of their plans to do something, such as plans for the future… Continue reading

My top 10 list of tips for Public Speaking

¬† 1. Know your audience, know they’re interests as a whole. This helps out with ones effectiveness when speaking to an¬†audience. 2. Know what you want to say, what point you’re trying to… Continue reading

Corporate Responsibility

When corporate responsibility comes up a few things might come to mind. For instance, code of ethics, ethical responsibilities don’t seem to play that big of a role anymore in businesses. It seems… Continue reading

Writing for Radio and Television

Ch. 9 notes from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques -Radio and television offer many opportunities for the public relations writer who wants to reach both mass and specialized audiences effectively. -Radio lacks… Continue reading

Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

Ch. 8 Notes of Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques -Photographs and graphics are important components of news releases and feature stories. They add interest and variety, and they often explain things better… Continue reading

10 Ways PR People drive Journalists crazy

1. Sometimes, if not most of the time PR people may leave out important solid facts, and/or won’t give enough information for journalists to form a solid story. 2. PR people don’t give… Continue reading

Benefitting from PR Podcasts

After listening to a few of The Creative Career podcasts, I found some inspiration in writing, and even in Podcasts. The first podcasts I listened to was the ‘Happiness at work-an interview with… Continue reading