Response to Interview with Kneale Mann

Throughout the interview with Kneale Mann and he discussed some interesting points in his position of Public Relations. He touched a little bit on a possiblitly of labor shortage within the next ten… Continue reading

The Benfits of PR

Throughout my listening and observing of different PR interviews, I learned how important upholding your reputation can be. Not only the reputation you create, but the reputation others can create for you through… Continue reading

The Break Down from Interview from Martin Waxman

In an interview over skype my teacher Mrs. Nixon managed to get an interview with Martin Waxman, President and co-founder of Palette Public Relations inc. Throughout this interview she asked him a few… Continue reading

My Spring Break 2010

Spring Break was quite the experience for me, I traveled with my family, my girlfriend, and my sister’s boyfriend. Aside from the odd cooler weather than normally expected when traveling to Florida in… Continue reading

How to be successful in your job interview!

Your appearance makes all the difference! How many times have we all heard that a person can determine if your cmpatible with them within the first thirty seconds! They say the same thing… Continue reading

PR Firm or PR Department?

Being in Public Relations many will be faced with the exact question I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability. Being a fairly new PR Practitioner would you feel the smartest… Continue reading

My “one week of twitter”

For my Public Relations class, we had to create a twitter account. Something I have heard about but had the totally wrong impression of, I definitely in a sense “judged” twitter so to… Continue reading

My Favorite time in Public Relations

Preferably I’d like to work in the era of Michael Jordan! In the time where Nike shoes really took off and Jordan made his debut sneaker in 1985, this was a great time… Continue reading

Complementing fellow bloggers…

Personally I feel like blogging comments are such a strong and necessary sense of encouragement. How is an aspiring writer able to further their writing skills without constructive criticism and feedback from the… Continue reading

Man follows the voice of God

Today turned out to be quite a surprise and a true blessing for me. With creating this blog came much excitement, than came the discouragement of not really knowing what to write my… Continue reading