What I learned from Social Media for PR and Journalism

Throughout my experience in is social media course I can truly say I have learned.

Throughout my experience in this course we have explored a lot of areas in social media that I was unaware of. We explored blogging, social media bookmarking, podcasting, and what it takes to develop a viral video.

Towards the end of the semester I realized just how useful this course was, and how much I can actually take away from it. I learned how to create a social media profile/resume, which can be a great tool for those going into the field of journalism, public relations, or some other field dealing with in the field of media or advertising.

This course consisted of hands on experience, pushing us to do things we weren’t all that familiar with. We created blogs, and Twitter accounts, along with a few other social media outlets that I wasn’t even aware of before. This course definitely expanded my knowledge in the field of social media, and showed me just how much bigger it is than what it may appear to be. In many classes you learn things, you learn great things, things that may be applicable now, or things that may stick with you and help you later in life, in this course I learned many things that are applicable now, things that I can relate to, and outlets where I can express and use my talents and passions.

I found it a very applicable course, a very informing course of where this generation is headed, and that is towards strictly technology. I learned just how important it is in my field to be up to date on what’s “buzzing” online, and ways to keep up with current events, news or something else that may be considered worthy of attention. I learned a great publicist, writer, producer, anyone in these fields needs to be up to date on whats going on in the world, and whats occurring around them. This was a great course, and I am thankful for all that I learned.

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