What makes a good “Viral Video?”

Throughout my learning about viral videos, I’ve found that content isn’t necessarily the most important thing. It’s the appeal of the video, and the traffic flow. There are basically two categories one may create a viral video for, whether it’s for mere entertainment, or informal.

Most of the time YouTube videos that have the most views are videos of entertainment, and of humor. They may also be videos with great “shock factor.”  Here are two of my more favorable viral videos.

These are just two examples of great viral videos. They have such a large number of views, and the content isn’t anything of amazing content. It’s simple and it’s something that can happen in everyday life, something natural, and people like that. People like content that they can believe as reality. So, my advice to one looking to create a viral video, is the more natural the better, and make it reality, it doesn’t have to be super creative.