After creating an account with Diigo, I have realized just how useful the site is. It has the capability to create a profile with lists of your favorite web-sites, blogs and such, and also to include notes and many other things that may be very useful to those you connect with.

If it weren’t for an assignment I would have never known about this web-site. It’s a great idea, with little marketing. I have never heard of the site actually until it was assigned to me. I haven’t had a chance to connect with people yet, but one can imagine the capabilities a site such as this one holds.It has the capability to create networks, connect with friends, and people around the world, and also the ability to create a list of your favorite web-sites and even establish a library.

So, when you get a chance definitely go check it out, and create an account/profile, it’s free and definitely worth it, and find out for yourself all of the cool features that come along with it.

Here is the link to mine.