Business’ and the benefits of using Podcasts

Many people carry on their own perception of Podcasts, whether it comes from an experience with one, or many, or maybe it’s simply from word of mouth. Either way there are numerous opinions and perceptions about this great tool that many of us are totally unaware of.

Podcasting can be useful and beneficial to so many of us and we don’t even realize it. Podcasting is a simple yet profound tool where an individual or several individuals create content whether through audio or video, and make it available for download, or even streaming online for free. Podcasts are available all throughout the web and there is a vast majority of them available on iTunes, where having the content on your own personal mP3 player is only one click away.

I’m going to walk through some benefits of Podcasting from a business perspective, and I am going to share some links to several great posts that may help you if you find yourself ready and willing to explore the world of Podcasts.

In a very informal post written by Jeremiah Owyang titled ‘Corporate Podcasting Strategies for 2007,’ he goes on to list 17 bold points about Podcasting and ways to be effective by doing so.

Here is number 2 off of his list just to give an idea of what kind of easy tips he provides. you can view this article by clicking here.

“2) Extend your Podcast with Social Media Features
Many corporate marketers fail by only dropping an mp3 file and a link to iTunes on a ‘podcast page’. You can benefit from interaction and building better podcasts by allowing for feedback by enabling comments. Perhaps using blog software to publish your podcast.”

“Why Podcast? Podcasting is the new breed of reaching both internet users and iPod users who can download your audio file and listen anytime they want.” In this article I read by Apryl Duncan on ‘Using your Podcast to advertise your business” I found several great starting points for those who are interested in furthering their advertisement through Podcasting, which has become a great social media outlet.  She discusses how one should keep it fairly short and to the point, and how Podcasting is a great outlet because it allows users to skim through content that interests them, so they are more likely to come by content and download it if it isn’t drawn out and too lengthy. She also makes some wonderful points on how one can keep their readers returning. Visit here to read more.

In Social Media Today Gini Dietrich wrote an article “How to use Podcasts to Market your business.” In this article she gives some interesting facts about the power of Podcasting, and shares a story about how she created a podcast video to see what all the “ruckus” was about, she posted it on the blog, and their blog traffic quadrupled! She goes on to talk about how videos draw traffic like one wouldn’t believe. I guess there is only one way to find out! To see the rest of Gini’s article read more here.

In another post “Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business” by Anita Campbell she goes on to express how useful podcasting has been for her, even though many doubt, or have misconceptions about the difficulty of creating a podcast. She has a list with numbered points, and the first one starting with “start with the end goal in mind.” To read more of her useful tips and to gain more insight and information on how to further your business through podcasting visit here.

At the Entrepreneur web-site there is a very useful post “Using Podcasting to Promote Your Site.” This is probably one of the more in-depth articles/posts about podcasting, and one that anyone starting off, or even those already into podcasting should read. This post breaks down the basics on how to start a podcast from start to finish, how to perfect it, and how to create one in the most effective way where it will further the purpose you created it for. Read the article here.