PR Open Mic

I recently became a member of a web-site entitled PR-Open Mic and after exploring the site I found how useful it can be for PR professionals, and even those seeking to learn/know more about public relations.

PR Open Mic works like any other site when you become a member. One simply fills out a form, and then becomes a member where you login with your email and password. The site is very user-friendly, and contains many links within the home page that enable one to navigate the site, and also a link where one can link with others and become “friends.”

The Home Page is where news feed comes in, and one can view the most recently created blog posts.  At the home page you can invite friends, customize your page and add content.

Something else available on the web-site that may be of great use is the link entitled jobs/interns. This may very be useful to college students who are looking to apply for internships, or secure a job after graduation.

The PR Open Mic web-site also offers something similar to email, where one can write and receive messages. It’s located to the right of the screen on your home page.

I find this site very useful in a sense that it relates to a base, a base where it’s open for anyone to join, and provides great opportunity to those who are seeking. I feel like these web-sites can open great doors to those who are looking for opportunities that may be hard to come by outside of the internet. It is a very easy to operate web-site and is well worth the time to navigate and explore. I would definitely recommend this web-site to anyone who is seeking for some sense of knowledge on PR, or one is already playing a part in PR. Either way I believe it will help you one way or another.