Predict the result

There was an interview held last week with Lebron James and Dwyane Wade after their victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. A reporter asked a question that created what some would call an “awkward” moment, or some other may refer to as “cricket.” A term often used when there is such a silence one could hear crickets.

The woman asked what the two thought of Phil Jackson’s comments, going on to inform the two that he doesn’t “like” their style of play, and says they play “X-Box basketball.”

The two responded with stern looks until Wade began laughing and looking at James, as if he had something to respond to this question with. Wade than went on to respond after a moment of not saying anything with “who cares.”

The point is one should consider the results they may stir up. If one thinks a question will raise tension that’s one thing, but to ask a question where it just makes things awkward, some may call that unprofessional. Reporters are in a sense rewarded I think is safe to say, when they bring up a statement or question that may cause controversy, or and uproar in a sense. I’m not taking away from their “job,” I’m simply saying in a position where one is granted access to such a situation as this one they should use more sense when they have the chance to ask a question.