Managing reputation

I was recently reading reviews on basketball sneakers, researching reviews and such to see which ones would be the best to purchase.

I came across one negative review. The person went on to say that this particular shoe came apart after only a few wears of playing at the gym. Right at that moment I steered away from this product, even though I had read several good reviews, and the player has an outstanding reputation and plays in them every game, I still fell back from interest in this product.

Now although this person could have been anyone, they could have been someone out to mislead consumers, or attempting to create a distorted image of this product. Either way, this shows how even one negative against countless positives still distorts the image.

We have to learn how to manage these kind of situations, and how to make a “come-back” from a situation like this one. I feel in some cases it is very important to address the issue, to respond to complaints, and to make sure that the reputation of a product or company far exceeds any negative reviews or comments.