Character Matters

I realized how much of a difference it makes when one is true, and intentions are pure. The truth is that character does matter and here’s one reason why.

I visited a very nice restaurant this past week in Clearwater, Florida. The service was over the top, the waiters were very polite, and very attending to any needs we had. Some may say well that’s required, they are working for a tip. That’s not how I see it though, I feel one can tell when they are being “schmoozed” and when it’s simply a worker taking pride in what they do. These gentleman took pride in what they do and it showed.

I won’t go into detail of the situation and what happened exactly, but the point is that character does shine, and it makes all the difference when one takes great pride in what they do. I guess this could be a blog of encouragement to all of those who want to do a better job but just can’t figure out how, or those who think that they’re hard work doesn’t matter, because it does. It shows, so continue to take pride in what you do, no matter what it is. Who knows who you may encourage.