What is Foursquare

I am currently not a user of foursquare but find it very interesting if it is used properly. Foursquare is an app used for letting your friends know where you are, and you knowing where they are. It’s like a locator in a sense, but in a fun way.

For instance if you go to your local coffee shop, and you go to foursquare you can make it visible to others where your icon will come up that you are at that specific location and vice versa. It’s a way where friends can connect, and can be really fun if it is used properly.

Like everything else, this too can be abused, can be dangerous if not used correctly, or should I say with caution. I don’t mean to make it sound scary, it is something that is meant for fun, but like anything that lets others know where you are located, can be a dangerous thing. Check it out for yourself and maybe research it a little bit before giving it a try here.