Possible favorite of the “Super Bowl Ads”

Possibly my favorite of the Super bowl ads would have to be the Budweiser ad. Although I’m in no way a fan of the drink itself, or any alcohol for that matter, I feel this commercial was catchy, and that’s what advertisements need more of.

The first time I saw this commercial it was the sound that caught my attention. It wasn’t just the sound of the song by Elton john “tiny dancer,” but the whole thing, even the silence in the beginning as if a movie was getting ready to start.

I feel commercials do a good job at grabbing ones attention in the beginning when they start it off sounding like an introduction to a movie. Than, this one went even further with adding in suspense, and even an all time favorite song to many.

This commercial caught people’s attention, they went further in time to bring back an “old song,” and they skipped all the hype of commercializing with any of today’s “trendy” artists. I feel it was a smart move, a classic move at that. Many company’s feel they must make it relevant for it to catch attention, relevant to today’s listeners. i disagree, it’s not the radio, and people still do enjoy classics, no matter what the hype says.

Being that this was a commercial/advertisement for an alcoholic beverage that has been around for quite some time, I feel it was a smart move to mix classic with classic. By saying that I mean Budweiser is a “classic” drink in my eyes, it has been around for as long as I can remember, and it seems as if majority of its fans are in their 30’s and up, making it a classic. It may sound funny because I’m having trouble explaining what I mean, but for what it’s worth I hope some of you are on the same page.