Podcasting made useful

Many of today’s technologically advanced individuals know how to take advantage of downloading, and even creating a Podcast, but what about the rest of us?

Podcasts are simply an audio/video file that may be uploaded to iTunes, and downloaded to ones library. Podcasts come in a variety of ways, informal, commercial, inspirational. There is a wide variety to choose from, they are even broken down into categories, and genres.

I used to use podcasts a lot, downloading a wide variety of christian speakers and pastors. It’s very easy to find at least one category/genre you are interested in.

A company might use a podcast as a way to build relationship with their listeners, by making it a more personal approach, a way an individual may learn more about the inside of a company, and how things are run.

Another way one might choose to use podcasts may be for sharing what their particular organization/company has to offer. This may be useful/progressive for a company just starting off, and may be trying to gather a base for its company, or even develop a name.

Company’s and organizations can be creative when it comes to podcasting, by using video or audio. I have seen organizations do interviews, walk through videos, informal videos, audio describing future plans for an organization. The ends are limitless as far as what a podcast can be used for. There are really no limits.