Rumors are a not-so good look for an organization

Over time now most of us sports fans have heard the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors.

We have heard talk about several teams “possibly” picking up “Melo” before this year is up. Whether the rumors are true or not, that’s beside the point. The point is how these rumors are affecting the Denver Nuggets organization, and is it affecting the team’s play on the court.

I recently heard an amazing point made by a sports analyst speaking on Melo’s trade rumors, and how there’s much more to the picture. For instance, Melo’s family/children have to deal with other individuals hearing the rumors, or kids saying things like “I heard your moving there” and different scenarios like that.

The issue of the matter is things blow way out of proportion when it has to do with a star like Melo, rumors exceed passed what they were meant to be. It seems as if a player even mentions the idea of “possibly” wanting to play for another team, the next day ESPN will be in full coverage, giving their opinion and analyzing the situation. But before one is quick to criticize, remember, ESPN is a sports new’s program, and if they feel a possible story is newsworthy, than who can blame them?