Defining Social Media in 140 characters or less

In Adam Vincenzini’s blog “COMMS CORNER” he has posted people’s responses to his question to define social media in 140 characters or less.

Dozens of individuals responded, and here are a few of the one’s I feel described Social Media the best.

@JoanneJacobs Social Media are tools & services which facilitate communication between individuals for decision-making, cultural exchange & conversation*

@trevoryoung Social media is a catalyst for change – change in the way we connect with each other, change in the way businesses communicate with the world*

@mattsingleySocial media is online content & communication that is interactive & dynamic, not controlled by any one person or entity

These few responses to the question kind of sum it up for me, and I feel did a very good job explaining the definition of something that seems so broad to many of us.

My definition of Social Media in 140 characters or less would be:

Building reputation through control of situations and publicity, maintaining a company’s standard through creating an appealing image.