Monitoring social media, acceptable or uncalled for?

Throughout my experience with social media I have seen several instances where one pays consequences for what they might have said on the web.

The truth is majority of individuals feel that these social media websites are the appropriate place to express their emotions, do they consider the possibilities before doing so? Who knows, all I know is that at times “venting” over the internet may not be one’s best bet.

The matter of the issue is that there are several cases that may be debated, some may feel that it is simply “unfair” to monitor “personal” information on the web, but they have to ask their self, is it really “personal” if countless viewers have access to that content. Companies have the right to look out for their reputation, now there are cases where that statement may be abused, but with something like social media having such a widespread audience, I find it only appropriate that a company monitor their employees for the sake of their company’s reputation.

There are circumstances where an individual may express an opinion that the company may not necessarily agree with, but they are entitled to that opinion depending upon what that may be. On the other hand, if that opinion, or voice that they express over the internet may cause damage to the reputation of their workplace, I feel it is only necessary for one to be dealt with accordingly, obviously depending on the severity of the situation.

Many people may claim that they can say and do whatever outside of the workplace, but unfortunately that is not the case. I agree that when a company takes on an individual, they are taking a risk, no matter who that individual may be. If monitoring ones social media is what they feel is necessary, who’s to say they can’t modify their “risk”?

To sum it up, this issue all depends on opinion, whether one is morally correct or incorrect.