Social Media Participation

Throughout my experience with Social media I’ve learned how useful these forms of communication can be, and how much more aware i have become since using them for class. I currently participate and have an account through Twitter, and of course this blog through WordPress. I can’t begin to explain how much I would love to encourage others to use, try out and experience different social networking websites, there are several out there, and majority of them are free. I feel so confident in this because I have seen people be creative through these forms of communication, whether it’s running a business, or getting out there artwork, or even starting charities or artists getting their music out there for others to hear across the world.

Many people have their doubts at first, i did, but once it was assigned in my class to set up a Twitter account my opinion changed.  I found how much more aware I was becoming as far as things going on in the news and media, being that I don’t read the newspaper or watch the news. I would definitely encourage college students, business owners, even marketing agents to try these outlets. It’s very effective when businesses use Twitter as a way to post coupons, and different events going on. One business that uses this outlet quite a bit is Borders. Since using these networks, i have found them as not only outlets for socializing and finding past friends, but to get ones name out there. My personal opinion is that anything can be abused, and I feel Facebook is one that is very abused, and takes up a very large amount of time of young people.

There’s a few ways one can get started using these social network sites/outlets is simply click on any of the links i have listed above, or even go to Google and just type social networking in the search engine. The sign up process is fairly simple for the most part, and is very user-friendly. So try it out, give it a chance, and the best thing about it is it’s free.