Commenting your fellow Bloggers

Being new to blogging can be quite discouraging at times when it seems no one is reading your work. That’s where commenting comes in. Commenting can be critical not only in building ones confidence, but building up ones skills/techniques in blogging. Typically one writes in order to have others enjoying their ideas, opinions and so forth. It’s important that as a blogger one realizes how important it is for one to feel comfortable during the writing of their expression or idea.

Blog commenting is a major part of successful blogging, it lets readers know not only that readers are following them, and reading what they have to say, but that their writing is worth commenting on. Being a journalist or an author one needs to have revision, someone to read over their work for mistakes or for possible suggestions. All of this is done in order for the writer to have an effective point in their story/writing.  It seems like no matter how many papers, how many articles, or stories one has written, revision always ceases to improve the quality of ones work. From personal experience, I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve felt a story/term paper was very well-written, with little to no mistakes, and after having it ripped apart by someone in a revision process it’s a different story.

The writer may not catch the little mistakes, or maybe not even mistakes, just a more effective way of writing the story. Either way, I feel blog commenting is a critical part of this whole process, whether the comments are to or from a blogger with years of experience is beside the point. Blog commenting is effective. It sounds repetitive but it’s important. Besides everyone feels better when they get recognition from others, we all operate like that, and building that sense of confidence is good. So put yourself out there and comment others work.