Organizational Communication break down

In this post i will break down chapter 5 in our reputational management textbook, on organizational communication.

Define: The process of aligning employees “hands, minds and hearts” with the organizations reputational interests-as a way to produce competitive advantage.


  • Getting employees aligned with company’s vision is essential to reputation management.
  • Employee behavior and employee erformance has to be aligned with reputational interests, and have a strong sense of communication within the organization in order to build a strong reliable reputation.

A few obstacles to avoid/overcome:

  • Employees focus/attention being in the right place.
  • Clarity for ones position requirements.
  • Distraction from things irrelevant to company/brand mission.
  • Productive environment in the workplace.

Remember to:

  • Have enforced regulations/boundaries.
  • Have realistic training dealing with real life issues to be sure objective is communicated clearly.
  • Align code of ethics/mission statement with daily actions. Live out your mission statement.
  • Rehearse with employees to a near perfection before approaching customers and clients.
  • Uphold company’s name/reputation.