My take on Social Media News Releases

There are countless views and opinions on the effects and purpose of SMNR’s. An SMNR is a release informing the public of their plans to do something, such as plans for the future of the company, plans for changes or just an update of what may be going on.

There are several advantages of a SMNR, it helps build relationship with the public on a somewhat personal level. It’s along the lines of an update or a feed of some sort. Also, by letting others know what is going on within a company, or with a client perhaps, it keeps the public intrigued, and gives them a presence in the media.

SMNR’s are to have a singular focus, one objective, with a clear but purposeful message they are releasing. They tend to not have  a specific audience in mind, but do have a purpose when writing a release.

If the SMNR has to do with some form of sales technique, or something along those lines, the company should be careful how they present it, because consumers and those who stay involved with social media tend to sign off if they even sense a company trying to push something on them.

A PR practitioner should consider releasing a SMNR frequently, possibly every few months depending on their appearance in the media, and depending upon what position the individual stands in. Keep your SMNR short, and effective. Provide resources, and have a catchy title. A social media news release stems away from traditional releases from the press.

The possibilities within a SMNR are limitless, it’s all a matter of how creative one can be, and what attention they may gain, good or bad. The great thing about an SMNR is that it pushes the limits that may abstain your normal news release from doing. For instance, one can insert video into an SMNR, one can have links, and all of the other benefits that come with having a release posted online through social media.

So, like I said there really are few limits on SMNR’s, there are various articles online, and useful tools when creating one. As they become more and more relevant in this day and time, they will become more effective also, and I believe another positive look on it being an online release increases the possibilities of a greater number of readers/views that particular article may receive.

When writing an SMNR, one should always keep in mind to be very careful what they release, and attain other opinions on how others may perceive the particular article. Providing a clear message is very important, because words as we all know can be read in the wrong way, and taken out of context. It may be wise to steer from sarcasm of any kind, and even coarse joking. These things may seem elementary but they are very important when considering releasing anything to the public, especially it being written.

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