Lebron showing maturity

We have all seen the hype around Lebron James, and have wittnessed majority of basketball fans love for him, and the hate. We have seen critics go to work on Lebron for the smallest of things, and make him out to be a monster for “the decision,” but either way I have respect for how he handled himself tonight against his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He maintained a calm and collective attitude besides the hype and energy he displayed during their scoring runs throughout the game, but he demonstrated the perfect example of what one means when they say “don’t burn bridges.” This is often a term used referring to relationships, relationships with jobs, with organizations, with people in general. When James was interviewed after tonights game he showed respect to his former team, and even spoke on how his intentions were good.

Lebron had every right to fire back over this course of time at the Cavaliers owner for his comments about Lebrons decision, but he kept his cool and maintained a positive attitude, and a respectful demeanor.