My top 10 list of tips for Public Speaking


1. Know your audience, know they’re interests as a whole. This helps out with ones effectiveness when speaking to an audience.

2. Know what you want to say, what point you’re trying to get across, and have it in a meaningful order, not random. This helps prevent stuttering and awkward pauses.

3. Emphasize your strong points, and pause for a second after that point is made so that the crowd/audience has time to take it in. This produces more effectiveness, and gives the listeners something to take with them, if they just so happen to miss everything else. Strong emphasized points stick out.

4. Be confident in what it is you are presenting, by keeping your head up and making eye contact with the audience. Also, make sure your tone and presentation is relevant to the subject at hand. If it’s serious you don’t want to be smiling while presenting it and cracking jokes in between.

5. Establish a relationship with your audience when approaching the stage or front of your audience, by introducing yourself, and maybe sharing a little background information about yourself, if it’s relevant.

6. Have a strong introduction, if you catch their attention right from beginning, you have more of a chance of keeping their attention.

7. If technology plays a major part in your presentation, ALWAYS have a back-up plan.

8. Respond to your audiences reactions/facial expressions/body language. If you feel like a certain topic you are speaking about continue to touch on that.

9. NEVER read from your notes, you may prevent this by actually practicing and running through your speech/presentation several times before the day of your presentation. One may even try recording their self, and having others watch, and evaluate their mistakes with constructive criticism.

10. Have some form of visual aide included in your presentation, this keeps your audience aware, and sometimes more intrigued throughout your presentation.

Some references to a few of my tips came from this web-site.