Corporate Responsibility

When corporate responsibility comes up a few things might come to mind. For instance, code of ethics, ethical responsibilities don’t seem to play that big of a role anymore in businesses. It seems like many try to steer away from ethics and aim more towards how much they can get away with in the fine print. We see it every day, a business or organization will advertise something that is appealing to the eye, but when it comes down to it, it’s nearly always too good to be true.

Corporations’ reputation is based on numerous areas, the area of product quality, customer service, price, protection plans and terms for return or exchange, and many more. Many can come up with their own theories of what a certain corporation is responsible for. An organization/corporation can’t go based off of each one’s individual opinion, everyone has different morals/code of ethics so that makes it impossible to please everyone. They have to go off of what is effective in the business world, and what will help the corporation progress, regardless of what the critics say.

I say this not necessarily aiming at smaller businesses and corporations but rather larger ones. I say that because sometimes a smaller business may be able to aim at having a positive reputation in the area of positive moral value, and this tends to happen in smaller population areas.

Basically corporations have a responsibility to uphold the law, whether they come up with ways to get around that or not, that’s beside the point.