Writing for Radio and Television

Ch. 9 notes from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

-Radio and television offer many opportunities for the public relations writer who wants to reach both mass and specialized audiences effectively.

-Radio lacks the glamour of television and the popularity of the internet, so it is not always the first medium that public relations people think of when planning an information campaign. Radio is based on sound, and every radio release must be written so that it can be easily read by an announcer and clearly understood by a listener.

-An ANR (Audio News Release) has a preffered length of 60 seconds, including a soundbite of 20 seconds or less.

Some Tips: Tramell, in an article for PR Tactics, gives some additional “rules” for successful radio and television story placement.

  • Topicality
  • Timeliness
  • Localization
  • Humanization
  • Visual Appeal