Benefitting from PR Podcasts

After listening to a few of The Creative Career podcasts, I found some inspiration in writing, and even in Podcasts.

The first podcasts I listened to was the ‘Happiness at work-an interview with Jessica Pryce-Jones,’ that consisted of an interview about her book and the meaning of it. She explained how she wanted everyone to experience what she had to say in this book without them having to pay thousands of dollars to hear it at some conference. She explained the 5 c’s:

5 C’s:

  1. Contribution
  2. Conviction
  3. Culture
  4. Committment
  5. Confidence

I also listened to another podcast which was an interview with Sandy Jones-Kaminski on her book ‘I’m at a networking event, now what?’ She works in marketing, and different areas of business, and went on to make some very good points that she strives to work on and that’s developing networking skills, which is critical to success, developing relationships with meaning, and contacts she can have quality connections with.

PR podcasts are a great way for one to receive a great amount of knowledge for free majority of the time. There is a wide variety of Podcasts for all interests, and they are sorted on iTunes in Genres. There is also a wide variety of web-sites that offer free podcast downloads, and Google might be a good way to search for them.