10 Ways PR People drive Journalists crazy

1. Sometimes, if not most of the time PR people may leave out important solid facts, and/or won’t give enough information for journalists to form a solid story.

2. PR people don’t give enough facts to fill a full story.

3. PR people might tend to try to persuade journalist to write an article a certain way, rather than what the facts are clearly saying.

4. PR people may try to paint a different picture of the story/issue than what really happened, leaving the journalist looking foolish after writing a story that’s not all truth.

5. PR people may complain to a journalist about why their story didn’t get published, and one can imagine how this might become uncomfortable for a journalist.

6. PR people should know ALL of the facts and the WHOLE story before reporting their side to a journalist.

7. PR people should avoid “filler” and give facts/solid information.

8. Journalist don’t need PR people to tell them how to do their job, just like PR people don’t need journalists telling them how to do theirs.

9. PR people should carry out their job description, withholding information, or threatening a journalist to not tell anymore information is immature and not the right way to carry out business.

10. PR people should remain professional, and maintain a professional yet friendly relationship with journalist, and be reliable, there is nothing worse than an unreliable PR person, who cannot be reached when the time comes.