Watching your stats

In WordPress under your Dashboard you can view your “stats,” this is what tells one how many views they have had on each post, and what date those views occurred.

This can be very useful to writers/bloggers of all kinds, and anyone interested in furthering their audience, and increasing the amount of viewers who visit their blog. For me personally it shows what people are interested in reading. For instance, if I’m always writing majority of my blogs on sports, or on a particular hobby I’m interested in, but there is a few I write about the inside of politics, and politics has more stats, more views than the others, I have to decide what I’m aiming for. Whether it be for more readers, or something to do simply for a hobby, what I write needs to be based on what I’m aiming for.

 PR Practitioners may benefit from monitoring these stats because it shows how many people are actually seeing/reading their material. It shows how effective their message is, and how large or small the audience they are reaching actually is. It can help show one what they should spend time writing more of, what points they should focus on more, and what their readers want to see more of.

This is a very useful tool, courtesy of WordPress. Many people wouldn’t know which direction to go, or even know if they’re message is being heard had it not been for stats. It helps encourage writers, and give them that sense of confidence that their material is being read, and possibly even considered in ones thoughts. Writers may also find it encouraging that often times when one finds a particular blog they enjoy reading, they tend to come back for more. It’s all about the readers as far as effectiveness goes, if you don’t have readers you have nothing.