Guard your reputation


 Whether one is in Public Relations, marketing, or any form of business, reputation can make or break someone. We have all seen it in elections, in the media with movie stars, music artists, people will find dirt, and they will expose it at any cost.

We have seen it over and over again, with Presidential elections for example, whether it’s the opposite candidate or someone who just plain dislikes the other candidate, dirt will be found and exposed, we have even witnessed it with things that have happened as far back as high school. People in this day and age will go to whatever limits to destroy ones reputation, which is so key to future success in this country. Although, some may seem quick to forget scandals, there is a still a large amount of individuals who don’t.

Take the Tiger Woods issue for example, or the Mike Vick example, it’s everywhere. An icon can make a huge mistake, their career can seem like it’s coming to a halt and then we see them back on the television performing at their best. Sometimes fate isn’t so quick to forgive and allow those to move on, sometimes this mistakes will destroy ones reputation, and all the career opportunities go with it.

Most of us have probably heard the famous quote, that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and a matter of seconds, or one action to destroy it. So guard it with your all, and as many guest speakers who visit our class would say, “watch what you post on Facebook.”