Defining Infographics

Infographics: Visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

Infographics are a very useful tool, especially in this generation, where it seems like attention span doesn’t go so far unless presentations spark human interests. An infograph would be very useful when preparing something for a client, whether it’s statistics, or showing some form of future growth plan, it’s something that can represent the point without stretching it out.

One may go about creating an infograph through researching other examples as far as styles and what information to include. Facts and statistics are also a huge part of infographs, it’s taking information and creating a picture, a visionary interest to engage the viewers.

Infographs are a huge part of today’s demonstrations, whether it be for a new product, or for the future of a business’ plan, it helps demonstrate statistics, numbers and even quality keeping those involved in the presentation entertained and interested without having them read paragraph after paragraph.