Can Miami Heat rise to the occassion?

It’s no secret that the hype is there, but can the Miami Heat pull it off? Can they surpass all the rumors, the blood-thirsty media, and critics across the board?

At the beginning of the NBA season Lebron James announced on “The Decision,” a one hour special based around where he will play next, that he will take his talents to South Beach. This, without a doubt invited shots from other players, like Paul Pierce’ Twitter comment after they beat the Heat in Miami, “it’s been a pleasure to bring my talents to South Beach.”

One has to expect criticism when the media places such high standards on an individual, or three individuals in this case, especially when one fails to respond with the kind of performance fans and critics are expecting. I think it’s safe to say that critics wait for that moment, the moment you fail to perform, and fulfill the hype. Who’s to say if it’s fair or not? This is the NBA were talking about, I guess it’s just the price of fame. So, at the end of the day, who do you have to blame, with decisions come consequences, good or bad.