Watch your mouth

Kevin Garnett is known for his trash talking, and slightly quick temper/attitude on the court. Recently on ESPN and many sports/news channels there has been hype around the latest issue/confrontation involving Garnett and Charlie Villanueva.

I wont waste time by quoting word for word the tweets posted by Villanueva, because most have probably seen and heard about this story more times than they would like to. Basically Villanueva called out Kevin Garnett for his trash talk, and mentioned getting in the ring with him, and putting him in his place, this was all said through a tweet. Supposedly during their last game against each other Garnett made a reference to cancer, and those of you who don’t know Villanueva suffers from a serious illness.

So Villanueva goes back and tweets about Garnett’s comment during the game, the comment, he claimed Garnett said to him during the game. The thing is there is no proof of this, and Garnett mentioned in several interviews that it was a total miscommunication, that he referred to Villanueva as a “cancer to the league,” meaning that he is no good for the league, basically downing Villanueva’s talents as a player in the league.

My point in mentioning this whole situation is that one can never be to careful with the message they are trying to convey, this particular situation involved Twitter, a social networking site millions have access to, there is proof of one side of the story, but the other there is no proof, only word of mouth. But let this be a lesson learned how one can simply take your words wrong, or mix up your words intentionally and deteriorate you’re image for whatever reasoning they may have. So may all of you with high expectations on your shoulders, and a reputation to maintain, “watch your mouth,” because your words can come back to haunt you, whether you said them or not.