Using Podcasts in PR/Marketing to your full advantage

Many students don’t realize the great benefits of having Podcasts at their fingertips. For this blog post though, I will be specifically discussing PR Podcasts and how one can use them to their advantage. Podcasts are available through iTunes, and one can also download many of them through other web-sites, I’d recommend if you don’t have access to iTunes than to simply Google podcasts, or a specific genre of podcasts.

In iTunes podcasts are split up into different categories, the same as music is, one can also search based on the most popular, the newest, and more. Podcasts are simply a file of audio or even video with various forms of communication, whether it’s music, or a sermon, an interview, there is such a wide variety that I feel it would benefit one way more to explore for their self.

I checked out a podcast by Coming Up PR, where this particular episode happened to be more of an interview with a guy by the name of Henry Dang, a young individual in the mining industry, and an internal communication assistant. The crew at Coming Up PR simply had him talk about what it is he does, what kinds of issues he deals with, things he handles, and how they manage other situations and ways of the business.

Dang explained how the deal with communicating globally being that there company is worldwide, he explained how it’s a challenge at times because foreign languages often become an issue, and then an interpreter is needed and so on and so forth. Another major part he touched on that has been difficult to deal with is having to communicate through email, and telephone, this is unfortunately an issue that cannot be prevented considering the circumstances, and the fact that he deals with consumers, and associates from all over the world.

He spoke on how when writing a piece for their company you want to highlight achievements, and be thorough when communicating the content, and how they have to publish in 3 or more languages at times. You have to add stories that have value, and create criteria with standards. I really liked the point he made about writing, he said to write as if your writing for the newspaper, and touched on how key it is to present the facts to readers and employees, to maintain that honest reputation.

I hope that you may get out of that comfort zone when it comes to technology, and not rely so much on television, but to check out other resources of knowledge. Podcasts are a huge benefit, and being that there is such a vast majority of genres, everyone can benefit, careers and personalities of all types.

To stream this podcast check it out here.