PR blogs and their benefits

Advantages. That is what Public Relations blogs give their readers, along with much more. To not take advantage of the opportunity to become part of such a growing part of the business world, I would simply see as one missing out.

Public Relations is not really a commonly used phrase among young people, unless it’s referring to their colleges, maybe something at their job, or possibly even an internship. I personally had no idea what Public Relations was until I began taking classes towards my major, and now I become inspired nearly every class session. It’s not just enough to learn about PR blogs, one has to see for themself and take advantage of the advice, tips, and highly credible information that is out there, and the major plus is that there is no charge.

The possibilities of what one can take away from a PR blog is endless, whether it’s tips for work or projects, pointers for class, or even knowledge on how to further advance in this area of expertise.

For instance, I came across a blog by Dave Fleet, who writes about Public Relations and Social Media for the most part. I read a post that was actually just a book review on a book written by Mark Levy titled Accidental Genius. He basically discussed the book, what he got out of the book, and how he has already applied the books lessons/tips to his everyday writing. While I was scrolling through some more of his posts, I saw posts about Facebook, politics, and other titles involving Public Relations and reputation.

Everyone can benefit from using and reading PR blogs, whether it’s for inspiration, for insight, or for just pure knowledge on the subject. Either way it never hurts to try, and just like many other forms of social media, at first one judges and is hesitant, but once you make yourself comfortable with at least browsing through, it can open doors, and become a hobby. See for yourself.