Issues Management (notes)

What is issues management?

-A corporate process that helps organizations identify challenges in the business environment-bot internal and external-before the become crisis.

-Mobilizes corporate resources to help protect the company from the harm.

  • Reputation
  • Operations
  • Financial condition that the issue may provoke

Typical issues:

  • Governance
  • Issues management team
  • Topic-specific task forces
  • Issues resource team

Prioritizing issues:

  • Likelihood: How likely is it that this issue will play out to the company’s disadvantage?
  • Magnitude: If it does play out to our disadvantage, how significant could the harm be?

Developing an issues management plan:

-One has to start with an analysis, identifying the problem, and analyzing the organizations ability to provide a solution.

*An analysis of the problem

*A plan to protect the company

When strategizing for a solution to a particular issue one has to come up with the amount of damage an issue may cause to a company if worse comes to worse, and even strategize a “back-up plan.” One has to realize their target audience, and reach that audience through targeted messages.

Best practices/tips in Issues Management:

  1. Focus on the goal, not just on the processes
  2. Get management buy-in
  3. Name an accountable leader
  4. Involve all relevant business functions
  5. Set tangible communication objectives and measure success against them
  6. Follow the plan, focusing on the goal; adapt the tactics to changes in the environment, but keep the emphasis on the goal.

All information cited comes from Reputation Management textbook (not yet in print), to purchase the previous edition visit here.