Integrated Communication (Notes)

What is Integrated Communication?

-A dynamic communication practice aimed at advancing not just the marketing plan, but the overall operating or business plan of the firm and in so doing aligning brand with reputation.


  • Unilateral messaging no longer works
  • Communication must now be two-way/interdependent on creating dialogue and collaboration
  • Leadership must be distributed throughout the organization

The Role of Marketing: Get and Keep Customers

-The primary task of marketing

  • to identify what is valued
  • and then to deliver it to the target market that values it the most

-Web involvement allows marketers to better understand two key positioning questions

  • Who are the potential customers?
  • Does the product fit their needs?

*The marketing mix consists of the “4 P’s”

  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Price

The role of communication:

-The social network multilogue

-How to lead in the new model

-The expanded role of measurement

  • Outputs
  • Outtakes
  • Outcomes

Communication Tools:

  • Effective persuasion
  • Meaning=empowerment
  • Metaphors
  • Framing
  • Bridging gaps
  • Storytelling
  • Corporate branding

-Vision, values, and purpose

-New corporate presence

Best Practices in Integrated Communication:

1.Think like a business manager, with a communications hat

2.Prioritize PR activities against company objectives
3.Develop programs with the objective of helping the company reach its objectives (always have a target outcome by stakeholder)
4.Think of editors as a channel to the final stakeholder
5.Develop PR metrics which correlate to company objectives/goals
6.Develop programs which encompass the entire competitive landscape and how competitors will react
7.Conduct background/secondary research to establish benchmarks
8.Establish achievable goals
9.Ask appropriate research questions
10.State measurable objectives
11.Employ the appropriate methodologies
12.Understand the need for programmatic research
13.Have the budgets/resources necessary

All notes/information posted comes from Reputation Management (Not yet in print), to purchase the available edition visit here.