Global Corporate Communication (Notes)

What is Global Corporate Communication?

-The planned, long-term, strategically designed way of managing relationships with publics of other nations.

The Global Imperative:

-“Think global, act local.”

-Broad range of skills needed

  • Communication
  • Global economics & politics
  • Meditation
  • Cultural anthropology

*Must have a comprehensive understanding of the many different cultures that will be converted.

The Global Corporate Communication role:

  • Employee communication
  • Media relations
  • Corporate identity and brand management
  • Public and community relations
  • Crisis communication
  • Public affairs/Govt. Relations
  • Investor relations
  • Annual report and other publications
  • Corporate social responsibility/sustainability
  • and more…

Standardize or customize?

  • To promote efficiency, standardize as much as possible.

-Saves money.

-Reinforces and strengthens image and brand.

External Communication:

  • The global/local issue as a message strategy
  • Global networking
  • Working with the media in individual countries
  • Evolving national news media
  • Global ethics

External Communications:

  • Virtual news-rooms
  • Global crisis communication
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Corporate social responsibility/sustainability

Working with PR:

  • Global Agency of Record (AOR)
  • Local PR Agencies
  • Getting local buy in

All notes quoted/paraphrased from Reputation Management (not yet in print), to purchase the previous version visit here.