Crisis Communication

Crisis communication is something every company/business should be well prepared for, and expecting in most cases. No matter the size of a business a crisis can always take place, and if not handled with care it could be the end of that company/business or take a major chunk of its reputation.

Individuals in positions that handle PR know very well how detrimental it is to maintain a close-eye on the news, and any form of social media that may mention that particular company. The thing with crisis’ is that they don’t always have to stem from a major source, they could start in some broken down neighborhood and one neighbor starts spreading a word to another, and stories start forming, and reputations start declining.

Maintaining an eye on sources is a major part of preventing and/or handling crisis’. It is very important that when a crisis does occur that it is handled immediately, and that individuals given authority to do so, know what to release to the press. PR practitioners will tell you that it is vital that you have one key speaker that speaks to the press, and if there is more than everyone has to be on the same page in order to maintain fact and what the company is going to do to resolve the issue. Many times if you have everyone in the company communicating with the press, just for that “15 minutes of fame,” it creates a disaster for the company to clean up, and may result in a situation that may be a lot harder to maintain than if they would have a had a game plan, and an elected individual who handles the press and media.

Responding to crisis is huge, it has to be timely, and it has to be prompt. Many companies have shown good, and not so good examples of this within the past few years, companies such as dominoes, good year, and many more. If a problem is ignored, it stems to a crisis and can turn disastrous. Here is a good web-site to read more on crisis communication.