Preparing fact sheets, advisories, media kits, and pitches

Ch. 6 Notes:

Advisories are also called media alerts.

Preparing the pitch is key, if one does not have an interesting pitch than the story simply will not make the cut. Researching and fact checking are some key components. Write attention grabbing memo or email. Know the demographics of the audience.

Fact sheets are a brief outline of an event, an organization, or a new product. The purposes is to place basic and supplemental info at the editor or journalists fingertips.

Media kits are the packets that may include news-releases, photographs, feature stories, fact sheets, position papers, backgrounders, and brief biographical sketches.

Electronic press kits or (EPK’s) are prepared in CD format or are available online from organizational web-sites they call include all the information in a Printed Media Kit, but also include audio sound bites, high-resolution photos, video chips, and product demonstration.