Lebron James answers back with Nike commercial

It changed the NBA as a whole, and probably received more hate and negative feedback than any sports figure since Tiger, but either way Lebron James is his own man, and he made a decision for himself and his family, so who are we to judge?

I think many true Lebron fans, and “artsy” fans in general would agree with me when i say James’ commercial was a masterpiece way to answer back to all of the “haters.” I have never seen someone hated on by so many people, and I can’t seem to figure out why. Some say he’s cocky and arrogant, others say he wines and complains, I say he’s one of the most dominant ball players of all time, and has a strong career ahead of him, and that if the people who make these accusations about Lebron were in his shoes I question how they would act and carry their self, considering his furthest experience as far as school goes was high school. The video speaks for itself, and I feel like it was pure genius from his standpoint, and from his Nike sponsors, and pretty much anyone who was behind this commercial coming up with this response to the publics negative response to his “decision.” Hope you enjoy the commercial, and comprehend the history, and the point intended.