Creating News-Features and Op-Ed.

Ch. 7 Notes

News feature writing requires right brain thinking

-Intuition, image making, and conceptualization

A feature story can generate publicity. A good feature writer is curious and asks a lot of questions. He or she can conceptualize and see possibilities for the development of a feature article.

4 approaches to feature writing:

1. Distribute a general feature to a variety of publications

2. Write an exclusive article for a publication

3. Interest in a freelancer or reporter in writing a story

4. Post feature articles in the organization web-site

Several types of features:

  • Case study
  • Application story
  • Research story
  • Backgrounder
  • Personality profile
  • Historical feature

Op-Ed is an opportunity to portray the organization and it’s executives as “thought leaders,” on a particular subject or issue of current public interest. Op-Ed’s must feature strong writing, use facts and be concise, and only about 400-700 words.