Benefitting from PR OpenMic

In my Public Relations: Media Advertising and Writing course, we were made aware of a site PR OpenMic. A web-site that works similar to a social media site, but more along the lines for Public Relations. With videos, blogs, forums, photos and much more, this web-site may be very useful for those getting into the PR industry or those majoring in something that relates to Public Relations. It works the same as most of the social-networking websites out there, one simply signs up with a user name, password, and than an email address and some more questions in order to create your account, and from there one invites friends, and from there the possibilities are on the user.

This web-site offers many useful and informative features, one of my favorite features is the ability to blog on the web-site, finding very interesting facts and information that I would not have been made aware of if it weren’t for the PR OpenMic. As a user one can have friends, a message inbox, a place to post pictures, and for the most part the setup is very similar to that of Facebook. I feel this site is great for students aspiring for a position or career in Public Relations, or for anyone who is interested in PR regardless if they’re a student at a University or someone working on Wall Street. I feel as if this site was created to make individuals more aware of Public Relations as a whole, and create something students can get involved in, and even make it an informal, fun learning experience.

Another part about PR OpenMic I really enjoy is its user-friendly access, and the ability to navigate the site and use it for what it is, and being able to express yourself about PR to a group of people who are interested in hearing others out. Sometimes this becomes an issue in just ones ordinary blogging, where the readers just aren’t navigating your blog about Public Relations, but this site encourages and is mainly focused on the subject at hand, therefore there are numerous individuals who are acquiring to learn more about the subject. Not only is PR OpenMic a great way to build professional relationships, but also a great way to build connections, whether it has to do with a career or new opportunity.