What is a Newsworthy Story?

Writing a newsworthy story may seem like an easy task, but when it comes to reaching out to multi-cultural audiences and various viewers, you simply have to get their attention, and keep it without making them feel like they wasted their time. In my opinion effectiveness and impact are key components in a newsworthy story. I say effectiveness because the news is supposed to make people aware, its supposed to share the truth and be informal. Now, whether or not the news is that is beside the point. Some think news has become a form of entertainment, or various forms of bad news all stirred into one mixing bowl. The news has a job, and one way or another the stories the news casters present need to have an effect on it’s viewers. I also used the word impact because impact is what the news needs to have on its viewers, if the news spends all kinds of time presenting a story about the rates in homelessness arising, hopefully they’re doing so to affect us, and leave an impact that we would want to make a difference.

After reading an article on ‘What makes a story Newsworthy,’ I found a lot of great tips that were broken down in detail. The article lists five main points one has to have in order for a story to be newsworthy, timing, significance, proximity, prominence, and human interest are the main points listed. One has to have all of these things to even be considered headline material.

Questions one may ask their self when contemplating if a story is simply good enough, is would they their self read it, and why would someone want to or need to read this story? Too many times an individual may whip through a story, writing all of the facts, but is this article actually interesting to the common reader? Timing is said to be very important because no one wants to hear about last weeks game scores, or last weeks news. This one specifically is something that is becoming very difficult due to the fact that this generation is so media oriented, and with Twitter and other social media networks, news travels while it’s still happening. It’s unbelievable, that news no longer takes a day to make it to the newspaper, or even an hour until news teams make it to the scene, the news is simply spread while it’s happening. So, to be effective in this era one most definitely needs to take part in social media, because after all the news is about who gets and releases the story first.