Community Relations (Notes)

Chapter 7:

Define Community Relations: The strategic development of mutually beneficial relationships with targeted communities toward the long-term objective of building reputation and trust.

Hardy’s Relationship Building Techniques:

  1. Be involved. Be committed.
  2. Building reputation, one relationship at a time, is good business.
  3. Choose the right projects, be strategic.
  4. Keep moving ahead.
  5. Embrace diversity.
  6. When things go wrong, make them right as fast as you can.
  • The best way for an organization to obtain and retain a license to operate is to become a “neighbor of choice.” 

-Three reputation building strategies:

  1. Build sustainable and ongoing relationships with key individuals, groups, and organizations.
  2. Institute practices and procedures that anticipate respond to community expectations, concerns and issues.
  3. Focus the community support program to build relationships, respond to community concerns, and strengthen the community’s quality of life.

-Organizations have to do a better job of requiring loyalty to the organization, the brand, the things the organization does well.

Twelve Trust-Busting behaviors:

  1. Arrogance
  2. Broken promises
  3. Creating fear
  4. Deception
  5. Disparaging opposition
  6. Disrespect
  7. Ignoring/Avoiding the killer questions
  8. Lies
  9. Minimizing danger
  10. Negative surprise
  11. Stall/Delay
  12. Overrate your preparation