Lebron James on Twitter

I find it very odd how NBA Star Lebron James has went from being loved by nearly everyone to tweeting about taking names. It’s no secret majority of Lebron fans weren’t so enthused about his decision with leaving Cleveland. That alone truly shocked NBA fans, but it seems like things are only getting worse as far the fan base is concerned. It seems like Lebron has switched roles in a sense, from good guy, who plays hard, and works hard with what he has, to simply losing credibility with his decision to join also former and current NBA all-star D. Wade, and Chris Bosh. Lebron claims he made his decision based on what was best for him.

That answer doesn’t seem to fly with fans, with tweets and blogs increasing daily expressing opinions about Lebron’s decision, there’s no telling what direction this will take the NBA. Lebron also commented on comments from former NBA Legends, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, saying he still has respect for those guys, but had to do what was best for him. Many of us NBA/Lebron fans and previous fans are wondering what will happen when game time comes for the “Big 3,” will they perform to carry on the hype that surrounds them? Will this affect the loyalty players in the past have had to their teams? It’s something were gonna have to wait and see.