COMM 4333 Blog Comments

Comment #1; TOW-Week 7-Twitter by: Chad Ainsworth

October 1, 2010:

It feels like I always hear the same thing from people who have Twitter now, and it’s always funny how everyones opinion changes. I felt the same way when I was starting off using it for class last year, at first I was hesitant, but than like many others it began to grow. Since then I have continued to use Twitter for various reasons. I definitely feel it’s a plus for anyone who wants to stay connected, whether it be in the media, with friends, or for some sense of encouragement. So I’d definitely have to say i agree totally with your post.

Comment #2: 10 Steps to writing a feature story by: Dave Lapham

November 18, 2010

This was a great informal post, I enjoy when blogs are short and straight to the point. This is why I really enjoy reading “Top # list” posts and articles, because you know it’s not going to be filled with filler. I feel like it’s very important for people to research and find posts with tips on writing feature stories, because I feel people take them lightly at times, and don’t include enough interest for the readers. No one wants to read a boring story, so it takes some evaluation, and good writing tips, and people should follow them, that is if they want to become a great writer, and avoid mediocrity.

Comment #3: Stats can make or break you by: Chelsey

November 19, 2010

Great post on the importance of stats, I really liked your sentance when you compared stats in a blog to stats in sports, and how it measures one’s progression. I never looked at it that way, so that really caught my attention. I also liked and agreed with your opinion on companys being careful with their gramatical errors and content they post, and how imporant that is to maintain a good reputation. Many people who blog don’t realize the seriousness of gramatical errors, and how it can be an instant turn-off for their readers. Way to keep them informed!

Comment #4: Harness the power of the website; by: Valeriy Guy

November 19, 2010

I really liked the way this post was done, placing statistics in the beginning kept my attention, and really opened my eyes as to how useful the internet is to any company. Most people think they realize how useful the internet is without getting into the whole advertising thing, or exposure thing, but I feel like one has to experience it to really grasp how effective it is, being that the web has so many viewers on a momentary basis. I really liked how you mentioned to keep the web-site updated and don’t overdue it. A lot of times “filler” is not needed to have an effective web-site, but new users feel it needs to be flashy and colorful, which sometimes looks cheap to most regular web users.