Response to ‘Social Media, Friend or Foe?’ Podcast

First of all, add this Podcast to your favorites, this is great information for any aspiring CEO’s, anyone thinking about starting their own business, or even associated with business.

 Throughout listening to this Podcast I was just in awe. I have listened to Podcasts of Sermons and such but never for Public Relations purposes. It just so happens thanks to another class assignment I am now further educated, and more aware of resources available to aspiring business owners, CEO’s, and future business men and woman. The Podcast starts off with Mark Ragan, CEO of Regan Communications addressing his marketing/PR staff. The topic of discussion is Social Media, and whether it’s best to get involved, or keep trying to find ways around it.

He addresses his committee with questions and different concerns about Social Networking sites and different ways to bring growth to the organization. The group of individuals came up with some great pointers and tips that could be of great use to all business owners. As a CEO one has many concerns, mainly dealing with “Return on Investment,” ways to keep the customer/consumers happy and loyal to their company, ways to save money but produce more of the same product or service. Anyways, you get the point. They have concerns for the future benefit of the company. So why wouldn’t one be hesitant about jumping into this whole social networking ordeal, knowing it’s highly populated among young teens and adults, and seems merely juvenile. So, what his employees do is answer his concerns and questions with facts, and ideas. “Social Media is all about building relationships (with customers and consumers),” one lady goes on to explain.

They go on to explain how important it is to pay attention to consumers needs and desires, and how one should never make them feel like just another customer, “your sort of building a community. Customer feedback is priceless.”

The group went on to explain to the CEO that pretty much he needs to catch up, and advance with the times, because many business owners/CEO’s were learning all of this stuff years ago, and have been caught up. They mentioned that the younger people, just coming out of college view their company not as exciting as say other companies who seem more up-to-date. They agreed that it would be wise to begin a “lawyers blog,” some of them felt best if it was the CEO writing the blogs and creating that personal relationship, while others agreed with Ragan saying his time is too valuable to write blogs, that someone else can take care of that aspect. Either way it would be a positive thing for the company to advance in. So out of this Podcast I realized how important it is to not only keep up with the times, but to sometimes strive to advance past the times, not only with technology but creativity, and that building personal relationship with consumers goes a long way.

Regan begins by asking questions, and throwing statements to his staff and they’re job is to pretty much explain or break down why they should or shouldn’t make certain decisions, they also touch on some possible adjustments, and give great tips every one in business should be aware of.

A majority of CEO’s may be against using Social Media web-sites and outlets due to the content that consumers may have access to. Web-sites and Social Networking sites such as ‘YouTube,’ ‘Facebook,’ ‘MySpace,’ and ‘Twitter‘ have access to content of all kinds, but is that really worth missing out on free to minimal costing publicity for ones company? Advertising is a major part of success for businesses, it’s building that reputation that is so very important to creating loyal consumers. Relationship is what these Networking sites create for companies who used to be so broad, and anything but personal. With Social Media/Networking one can rely upon receiving customer feedback, due to the quickness of response to issues customers/consumers may be experiencing. Businesses can now find out things to do more of, or even better, things to eliminate altogether.